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‘content’ is really just another way of saying ‘storytelling'.

And humans can’t get enough of storytelling. We consume it in a different way than we approach traditional advertising messages. 

We invite content into our world when it feels valuable. We choose to engage with stuff that’s funny, useful, clever, beautiful, emotional, relatable, relevant.

And we scroll past anything that doesn’t immediately connect. 

That’s where I can help – figuring out that sweet spot in the Venn diagram between what companies want to say and what audiences want to hear. 

Content-thinking means understanding audiences and putting them first. Because it’s easier to authentically connect with people when you:

  • Go to the places and platforms they’re already on

  • Share stuff they’re already interested in

  • And put it in a format they’re already primed to love.

That could be podcasts, videos and articles. Or GIFs, photos and graphic design. Anything that tells a story that audiences connect with.

Spend can get you in front of people’s faces, but good content can get into their hearts and minds, and stick around there for a good long while. 

Let me help build your audience, so you can form a relationship with customers beyond the next transaction and the next campaign.

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