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Latest work
Spotlight // Solo work

The brief: Ongoing content strategy in line with brand refresh of international retailer. Create content beyond sales messaging. Increase reach. Demonstrate brand values and what Spotlight stands for.

What happened: Over six months, I conducted a content channel audit, ran workshops with internal stakeholders and associated agencies, devised editorial scope and created a specialised style guide, content calendar and bank of story ideas for the client. I managed a freelance team in executing and amplifying the first chunk of content for digital and social channels – everything from ideation and briefing to editing, approvals and uploading.

We created more than 20 stories for Spotlight, including projects, interviews, trend pieces, and photo galleries. Together with a freelance videographer, I produced a hero video showcasing a teen girl’s bedroom makeover. That story in particular grabbed lots of attention: one cutdown vid nabbed over 1000 reactions on facebook, with organic reach of 77,000+ (boosted to 700,000+ with spend).

doc martens
Doc martens // frankie press

The brief: Make the iconic footwear brand relevant for Gen Z and young Gen Y consumers who may be encouraged to buy their first pair of Docs.

What happened: We literally took the show on the road with Docs, kitting out up-and-coming Melbourne band Porpoise Spit with boots and shoes and getting them to document their very first road trip. This print + digital execution honoured the rock ‘n’ roll heritage of the brand while connecting that spirit to a new generation of Doc devotees. Riffing on the ‘My First Docs’ theme, we also created a highly relatable digital education piece in the frankie TOV – “How to wear in your Docs without maiming yourself” – that still tops search engine results for advice on managing new Doc Martens.

doc martens.PNG
AIA vitality // Che Proximity

The brief: Create highly engaging brand ambassador content beyond BAU text-based articles on website. Something that feels like a real value-add for audiences and can double as lead gen.

What happened: Together with a small editorial team, I devised the Love Your Gut Month campaign featuring brand ambassador Marika Day. This would roll out on owned and paid social, digital and email channels with an initial kick-off story based on research and interviews, then a series of videos I scripted that spoke to Marika’s various gut themes in a familiar and playful cooking show format. I also oversaw the writing, layout and design of downloadable Love Your Gut packs that worked as a lead generator through the month, with non-members signing up via facebook forms to access the new content. 

aia vitality love your gut month.PNG
aia vitality
Thinx // frankie press

What happened: I leaned into a classic frankie format for this digital piece with a funny-but-honest roadtest featuring three of our most popular writers: Mia Timpano, Michelle Law and Eleanor Robertson. This created an instant audience for the post, increasing reach and engagement on socials and through a targeted email campaign. One commenter was moved to label it, “The ultimate collaboration”. In tandem with a display ad campaign, the strategy successfully introduced Thinx to a new market in Australia, in an appropriately playful and honest way.

The brief: Educate audiences about how period underpants work. Increase consideration for Thinx versus other period products (tampons, menstrual cup, etc).

Telstra business awards // Che Proximity

The brief: Devise social-led content plan for Telstra Business Award state finalists to roll out from the day they were announced.


What happened: This was as much about process as creative thinking. I needed content that was engaging for other SME owners, so I honed in on Telstra’s ownership of the word THAT and created a platform where we would share nuggets of business advice from finalists as “THAT key business lesson” or “THAT first win”. I worked with the client to send out forms to shortlisted candidates weeks before launch with a themed Q&A, and also pre-approve image treatments and design. Once we knew winners, we had our content ready to hand – it just needed to be edited. I led a team to quickly turn around each state’s stories, have them approved and uploaded, then optimised for a successful facebook campaign. 

Look What We Made // frankie press

The brief: Create premium sponsorship opportunity for client, going beyond display advertising into true creative collaboration.

What happened: Rollie shoes came on board as a presenting partner for Look What We Made – a beautifully designed coffee table book celebrating Australian makers. As well as brand mentions and an interview with the founder in the book, we facilitated a collaboration with one of the featured makers, Gemma O’Brien, who worked with the brand to create an exclusive new shoe style. We were able to showcase Rollie as a local creative brand alongside other Australian makers, and document the beginnings of a collab that continued IRL. The resulting shoe was displayed (and sold!) at live events promoting the book in Melbourne and Sydney.

Rollie shoes x Gemma Obrien.jpg
look what we made
Medibank // Suddenly

The brief: Create engaging podcast series on workplace health, positioning Medibank as proactive, zeitgeist-y thought leaders in health and wellness.

What happened: I researched workplace health to identify big themes (e.g. small business owners report high levels of stress, CEOs should model healthy work practices) and cast interesting and relatable workers to put a human face on each issue. I also researched and cast a range of medical experts to give our heroes health advice as they talked us through their workday. After pre-interviews, I blocked out scripting for each episode, with grabs from workers, experts and narrator nailing emotional ‘beats’ throughout, as well as delivering practical health info. Managed medical and legal approvals process for agency and client.

msi computing
MSI Computing // frankie press

The brief: Position MSI as an alternative to Mac computers for designers and other creative types. Demonstrate product features such as light weight and battery life.

What happened: I cast creative users to demonstrate the product’s different capabilities – e.g. Penny ‘Min Pin’ Ferguson has a long train commute and needs a laptop with great battery life. We produced a series of studio shoots with the creatives, who talked about their practice and the laptop’s design features. This series ran over print and digital, playing into the audience’s love for creative interviews. The campaign later morphed into a live activation for an audience filled with key design influencers. I chaired the panel of high-profile Melbourne creatives, and guests were able to get up close and personal with the tech.

msi computing.PNG
MYOB // frankie press

The brief: Make accounting software cool. Demonstrate product features for younger consumers. Position brand as go-to for creative small business.

What happened: In collaboration with MYOB, we scouted out creative businesses that used the software and also had a story to tell – including a swimwear designer and a Mexican restaurant. Using frankie writers and photographers, we shot business owners in their workplace and had them tell us the triumphs and setbacks that got them where they are, plus how MYOB had helped them reach their goals. This rolled out across print and digital platforms, supporting a wider ad campaign. A later iteration of the platform involved a sponsored podcast called “Great Job!”. I produced and hosted the interview show, featuring honest chats with inspiring female entrepreneurs.

MYOB x frankie.PNG
frankie good stuff
frankie Good Stuff Awards // frankie press

The brief: Create an ongoing campaign to attract and retain high-value advertising clients while supporting frankie magazine’s creative community.

What happened: In 2017 we developed the frankie Good Stuff brand and its yearly activation: an awards scheme inviting entries in creative categories like fashion, art, small business and community work. Hosted on a microsite and amplified across frankie print, digital, social, video and podcast channels, the content calendar was designed with 12 months of activity promoting the scheme and category sponsors. Everything from interviews with high-profile judges such as Benjamin Law, Jenny Kee and Myf Warhurst to social and eDM promotions inviting entries and voting on a People’s Choice gong. Winners were celebrated at an intimate dinner that gave sponsors the opportunity to make personal connections with awards winners and judges. The scheme has continued as a key revenue raiser for the business, and an essential retention strategy for high-value clients.

frankie good stuff awards.PNG

I’ve spent 20 years in media crafting award-winning lifestyle content that grabs people’s eyeballs, and their hearts.

This includes stints editing frankie magazine, Smith Journal and Slow, plus time as features editor for the Press Association in London. I edited the books Look What We Made and Something to Say, and acted as executive editor on titles such as SPACES interior mag, frankie food, A Little Bit Crafty and the Visit Ballarat tourism guide. I have been published in the ABC, Guardian Australia, The Walkley Magazine, Oyster, Limelight and South China Morning Post, among others. You can see a bit of my work here.


Photo credit: Annette Ruzicka/The Guardian

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